Friday, June 17, 2011

The History of Duke Nukem Forever

The History of Duke Nukem Forever. There are games whose name has a special history, games for one reason or other have entered the history of gaming, either on its quality or any other story. The history of Duke Nukem Forever is long, and the fact is that finally get our hands on is the end of the greatest legends of the game. It is true that the case of Duke Nukem Forever is not unique, but the most remarkable. 3D Realms in 1996 began work on a sequel to Duke Nukem 3D, a game that marked an era, a game that should go on sale a couple of years later, back in 1998 or 1999, but never reached the stores. The developers promised that Duke Nukem Forever would be the best FPS ever created, offering much more than its competition at that time still remained Doom or Quake newly appeared, but time passed and the delays were added. Gradually, the technology was advancing and the game was forced to change the graphics engine on which it worked, from Quake to Quake 2, and then to Unreal.

We can hardly know what it was that Duke Nukem Forever primitive, but the images are showing that development of interaction with various characters, scenes, action-packed film in various situations ... maybe something that today we seem typical of any FPS, but at that time was something totally new. Duke Nukem may have been the pioneer, but had to cede the position to games like Unreal or Half-Life. But time has passed and Duke Nukem Forever has finally managed to see the light after an endless list of problems, changes, delays and even cancellations. The king has finally returned.

Many of the younger players who will ask the heck is Duke Nukem, to the veterans it is obviously harder than the guy has there ever been a video game (thus leaving Kratos and others in anything). In the 90's starred in a pair of side-action shooters, much like the first Metroid, which culminated in Duke Nukem 3D, a FPS full of characteristic humor. This character is the culmination of the great heroes of action 90: Stallone, Swarzeneger, Van Damme ... ie a tough guy, hunks and pretty pimp. Just look at their appearance, with a pure, muscular, wearing tight clothing, military cut blond hair, sunglasses ... and a big fan of beer, especially the girls, so that references to porn and strip clubs are a constant in their games. And what is the mission of Duke? Since save the world from an alien invasion has made a huge mistake: to kidnap the girlsOr as he calls them: the Pivit.

The Duke Nukem Forever story begins after a period of peace, where Duke lives like a king by ending with the aliens. It has a huge apartment with two very loving twin, a casino and even a TV show. But it seems that aliens have not had enough and have become willing to ruin the day, how? Kidnapping all the girls, while good, are also annihilating all that is put through, but that is so important.

The game consists of various chapters full of humor, and shows how to start the game, with Duke playing with him and asking the twins if you like, what answers you have been waiting 14 years. We also found several nods to other games like Halo, HLF-Life Donkey Kong. And the game is a mix of current FPS and old, especially old. Of the current system of life we ​​have to recover automatically, but relies on a shield called "Ego" that we can increase the end bosses and interact with elements of the scenarios. Of the former FPS brings everything else, exaggeration, black humor, sexism (in the 90 FPS were male territory), weapons and bosses huge enormous size of armed to the teeth. Still, it has greatly simplified the weapon system on the titles of the past decade, may at all times carry two weapons, one must share if we pick up a new left by an enemy or to find lying around the stage . Although the latter is a feature of modern games, is allowing us to deal with all sorts of enemies from the start, taking weapons that are more suited to some types of enemies than others (though the gun never fails at short distances ). In addition to these weapons, we have available proximity mines that stick to any surface and detonate homemade bombs that can remotely along with boxes of weapons which make up all the ammunition you need at once.

Not just go through the stages crushing our enemies with weapons, but we also have available several skills that consume a special object. These skills make us more robust thanks to beer, a punching machine on steroids or a hologram of ourselves that make us invisible and attract enemy fire. In addition, our sunglasses are equipped with "male view", which we mistakenly call during all these years as night vision.

In addition to the phase where we will go shooting at anything that moves, we also find other times when solving puzzles or have to move like a jumping platformsEspecially at certain times in which Duke will reduce its size a few inches, turning the elements of the stage (and enemies) in large items. We also have several driving phases in which pilots a car radio when we are reduced or control a big-foot giant in the desert of Nevada. We even found a phase to be in a strip club in which only we will work to achieve certain objectives without firing a single shot while half-naked girls are a lot of elements interact, from pool games, air hockey and pinball microwave. And there are dozens of interacting elements that allow us to smoke, take a can of a machine, throw paper airplanes or even urinate in a service.

But back to what interests us, the shots, the most impressive are the bosses of some phases, which we must first reduce your life bar and then usually have to top them with a QTE event. And the difficulty of the game is considerable, especially with some of these leaders, becoming desperate even on medium difficulty and forcing us to repeat over and over again the same part of the game. Unfortunately, Load times are very high and abundantWith phases divided into several parts, which is the great scourge of the game as it is exasperating to have to endure the wait every time just with us, even more so when some heads are almost more time waiting than playing.

In addition to the campaign mode, which has a considerable duration, Duke Nukem Forever has other surprises. First a lot of extras, And tricks that are unlocked the first time we finish the game or the history of development of the title, images and videos from the same throughout the years, certainly a gem that will bring memories to all who have followed the development game over the years. Secondly, we have a online multiplayerVery classic and could not be otherwise. This mode lets you face in a round robin, teams, capturing areas or getting the girl. The protagonists are a bunch of multiplayer Dukes to which we can customize its appearance through various unlockables, online play and may be secondary, especially due to the simplicity of the way, but the rewards are considerable, as objects and girls get to our apartment, we can visit and explore, interacting with some of the objects we get an option quite fun despite its simplicity.

So far, Duke Nukem Forever is a really good game, whenever we are nostalgic about how games were created some years ago that a FPS does not have to be limited to Modern Warfare or similar, but the great scourge of the game, plus their load times, the graphics are uneven. We found good lighting effects (by something the game uses Unreal Engine 3) or particles, but the textures are loaded at the wrong time and, worst of all, some animations and models are very little work, some of them of considerable importance as Duke's own big-foot or we drive. We assume that the work of Gearbox after winning the game after the disappearance of 3D Realms, has been to complete the missing parts of the game and piece together the puzzle, rather than updating or improving those elements that need more work. This strange mix is ​​what makes us some very detailed scenes and some very empty, spectacular interiors and external funds in very low quality. And, you only have to face the first boss in full football stadium and then get to jump in front of a mirror to see how some aspects are superb and others are too simple or appear to be from another era.

If the graphics are a puzzle half solved, at least the sound itself that has gone round. No matter the background music, which is very appropriate for the type of game, or the effects of weapons and enemies that fill our hall of explosions, gunfire and screams of pigs mutants. The important thing is Duke, the great dubbing that has been given (though the other characters is best) and humorous phrases you have, and do not think that is repetitive, but in each situation and each stage we keep hearing new phrases, each one better than the previous . After the game we hear these phrases from a menu option in the game, something priceless.

What about a game that we've been waiting for over a decade. At the time the PlayStation brand began its journey and the Xbox brand not exist. Back then we played with 56kbps connections to Quake 2, or a "cyber" with some friends. They have been waiting many years he was to be the best game of its time and certainly could have been, but has come up with a lot of innovations that we have quite a view. Duke Nukem Forever still is a game as there are notA title for those who have spent years playing and certainly we know only appreciate. Not a Modern Warfare, Halo is not, is different. In an era where games were more difficult and you could be weeks or months playing for completion, where the wicked were many and great, and weapons to face them many absurdly large. That is why this game is fair what the older players were looking and were no longer able to find, while the younger players who did not live the culture of the 90's, will not understand. A game that may have a completely dispensable online mode, but it has a really fun campaign, but the visuals and irregular, especially the excessive load times end the game experience and come to despair more than once . A brilliantly designed title, but poorly reflected, at least we finally have enjoy the greatest gaming legend, And that's a worthwhile experience.

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